Travel & Make Money – Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

Why do we seek to make more money? I’ll tell you why, why money buys freedom. Freedom to go where we want. Do what we want; when we want. If you’re like me, you love to travel. You have a desire to travel and you are ill. Simply put, money finances our thirst for travel and travel makes us happy. Here’s something that a lot of people don’t know about – you can travel and make money at the same time. This article aims to present a way to make money traveling with travel blogs.

Travel blogs can be done anywhere in the world where you have a laptop and an internet connection. And it can allow you to earn money simply by sharing your travel experiences. Here are some important considerations for establishing a profitable travel blog:

* Choose a travel topic with the biggest appeal on the market. A blog is like any other product. To determine if you will succeed before you begin, you must first determine if there is market demand for the information the blog will provide. There are several ways to do this. The easiest thing is to research the popularity of keywords related to the travel topics you want to cover on your blog. Goggle and Overture have good free keyword research tools. You can find them on any search engine. Make sure that related keywords are searched at least 10,000 times in a given month. This number is a good minimum limit.

* Monetize the blog. You will not make money from your blog unless it is monetized. There are three main ways to monetize a blog: advertising revenue, affiliate sales, and sales of your own products. If you’re just starting out, you probably won’t have your own products, so it’s best to start with ad revenue and affiliate sales. For the beginner, Google AdSense is a good starting point for good contextual advertising revenue. For affiliate sales, there are many travel affiliate products in the Commission Junction and Amazon’s Associate program. There are many other programs you can use to monetize your blog, but I recommend them because of their ease of use.

* Build readers. A blog without visitors makes no money. Period. First, your blog must contain good, frequently updated content. This is what keeps readers coming back for more. Next, your blog must have RSS feeds and the ability to capture the email address of visitors who wish to opt in to receive your newsletter (which you need to establish) or site updates. There is a decent free blog subscription service offered by FeedBlitz. Then promote your blog by including a reference to it in your “sig file” email. Plus, your readership will naturally increase as you publish more. Each time you publish most blog software, it pings (notifies) the search engines for the new entry. The more quality pings you get, the higher your blog will rank in search engine rankings. The higher you get, the more traffic you generate. The more traffic you generate, the more money you will make.

These are the basics you need to create a profitable travel blog. If you travel and earn money, consider starting a travel blog.

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